How to make your blooms last long!

How to make your blooms last long!

5 Tips to promote the blooms to last longer

1. Cut Stems

Use scissors or garden shears and chop off 1-2 inches on an angle. By having the bottom of the stem angled it helps to absorb more water. Re-trim your bouquet every few days to increase the amount of days you can enjoy your blooms.

 2. Remove leaves

remove leaves that will be below the water line since this will decrease bacterial growth and also it are your flowers look better. Check the flowers daily to see if there any loose leaves that need to be fished out of the vase.

3. Water

Water for flowers is best served at room temperature. Always add the food packet that was supplied with your blooms, ensure your vase is clean and change the water every few days.

4. Heat, Sun, Drafts

The bouquet will do better in a colder area of your home/office. Do not place in direct sunlight and try to keep away from heat generating sources like floor vents and or stoves.

5. Clear Pop

add a 1/4 cup of clear pop (7 up, sprite, ginger ale) to your vase, the sugar in the pop helps your blooms last longer and smell sweeter.